about this work

I bought my first camera in 2014; the basic and ultra trustworthy Canon 600D. While the original intent was to shoot short films, I was swept into photography.

Since then, my main focus has been capturing every flipping awesome frame out there. Landscapes, cities, people, and most things in between.

Think of me as that wordless bastard from Pokemon Snap, except instead of photographing fake monsters, I've accidentally left my finger on the "Z" button and have photographed everything except the surfing Pikachu.

I suppose that leaves the "why" of my work. The simple answer is; it chills me the eff out. I can be zipping around the Botanic Gardens, working up a sweat chasing ducks looking for that one majestic shot, or sitting in the middle of Flinders St, waiting for hours for the plane, sunset and buildings to frame up perfectly... either way; there is no one more centred, calm and happy with a camera in his hands.